Shree Urology Hospital is licensed as per the norms of Amravati Municipal Corporation.

Storz Flexible Ureteroscope

Storz Flexible Ureteroscope

It is centrally located, spacious and has a serene atmosphere. The infrastructure of the hospital includes the following

  • Air Conditioned Ultramodern Operation Theatre.

  • 30 W Auriga Holmium Laser.

  • Medtronics ESWL machine.

  • Siemens C Arm Image Intensifier licensed as per the norms of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.

  • C Arm Compatible Operation Table.

  • Cystoscopes (Storz; Hopkins II Forward Oblique 300).

    GE X Ray Machine (300 MA)

    GE X Ray Machine (300 MA)

  • Storz Flexible Ureteroscope (Flex X 2 S)

  • Rigid Ureteroscope (6.4/7.8 Fr, Olympus) for management of ureteric stones, strictures and tumors.

  • Rigid Ureteroscope( 7/8 Fr, Stortz) for management of ureteric stones, strictures and tumors.

  • Nephroscope (22 Fr, Wolf) for Endoscopic Surgery for Kidney Stones ie Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL)

  • Pneumatic lithoclast (two in number) for endoscopic fragmentation of all types of urinary stones.

  • Mauer Mayer Bladder Stone Punch (Storz) for fragmentation of urinary bladder stones.

  • Sachse Urethrotome (Storz) for endoscopic management of stricture urethra.

  • Storz DX II Endo-Camera.

  • LED OT Lights Double Dome.

  • Cautery machine.

  • Monopolar Resectoscope for Transurethral Resection Of Prostate (TURP) and Bladder tumors (TURBT)

  • Boyles Anesthesia Machine (Datex Ohmeda).

    Auriga Holmium Laser Machine

    Auriga Holmium Laser Machine

  • Multipara Monitors for patient monitoring.

  • X Ray Machine 300 mA (GE DX 300) with computerised radiography.

  • Uroflowmetry

  • 24 hrs Ambulance service.

  • CCTV surveillance.

  • Uninterrupted power and oxygen supply.

  • Central Cooling System.