It is surgical procedure in which a peripheral vein is connected to an adjacent artery using fine non absorbable sutures. This leads to enlargement of the peripheral vein which can then be used as for access during hemodialysis.


In end stage renal failure, dialysis is necessary to purify the blood. For this the blood is withdrawn from an artery or vein, purified and returned to a vein. This process requires an access to a large vein for insertion of the cannula. As the peripheral veins are small they are connected to an adjacent artery at the level of the wrist or elbow. The arterial pressure is larger than the vein and this leads to the enlargement of the vein in due course. The enlarged vein can then be used for hemodialysis.

After the procedure

  • Suture removal is done after 10 days.

  • The peripheral vein can be used for hemodialysis after 1 month.

Contact the doctor if there is bleeding from the wound or if there is gaping at the wound site.